Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Call for Help for a Mary Newell, Our Fearless Treasurer and Longtime HTA Advocate

We write to you today to share some news and need for outreach for one of our Board members, Mary Newell. Many of you have gotten to know Mary over the last few years. As a founding member since January of 2009, Mary has been intricately involved in our groups’ efforts to amend the CPSIA. She has given a tireless amount of time, effort and energy to further our collective cause. Mary has traveled to Washington DC on our behalf, lobbying Congress and participating in workshops and conferences at the CPSC.

Last month, Mary’s husband John went in for a routine health examination and came out with a diagnosis of stage 4 esophageal cancer. John is also a hand crafted artist – with a thriving business hand creating guitar parts. To chronicle his journey and battle with cancer, he has a created a blog. John started chemotherapy this week and is not able to work consistently. In addition, Mary has not been able to devote as much time to her business as she is doing her best to support her husband through his treatment.

As many small business owners have experienced, this kind of medical emergency can be financially paralyzing. The HTA Board has already reached out to CERF – Craft Emergency Relief Fund, asking if there is anything they can do in the form of grants or other financial assistance. We also wanted to let you all know that John has set up a donation site for those who are able to send financial support. For those of you who are able and so compelled, any donation would be greatly appreciated by Mary and John. Prayers, positive energy and good wishes are also very much needed.

From all of us on the HTA Board, we greatly appreciate your help, understanding and support. We wish you all the best for the upcoming year.