Wednesday, July 24, 2013

July status update

Hello HTA members and concerned citizens, 

Your Board of Directors continues to be active supporting small batch toymakers, retailers, and importers. We recently testified before the Consumer Product Safety Commission on priorities for their fiscal year 2014 (starts October 2013) and their budget for fiscal year 2015. We focused on burden reduction through determinations. Determinations are issued for raw materials that do not require testing for lead content; for instance natural fabrics and wood. We are pushing to expand the determinations lists to more heavy metals, manufactured woods, and also phthalates. You can read our comments within the CPSC packet -

The CPSC is in the midst of a comment period where they are proposing changes to the certification requirements for Children's products. You can read about the changes and provide comments here -!docketDetail;D=CPSC-2013-0017. The HTA will submit comments as well.
In addition, we are working with the United States Trade Representative (USTR) as they are in negotiations with the European Union looking at barriers to free trade. We are asking for mutual recognition of toy safety standards so that it is easier for the US to import EU small batch toys and vice-versa. Here is some introductory information on this process -

Finally, we are also preparing a document on the status of small batch manufacturers after five years of the CPSIA. The CPSIA became law in August of 2008 and that places us at the five year point now. We are soliciting your comments on this issue so we can identify where there are still problems that need to be addressed. We thank you in advance for your comments and participation.

The Handmade Toy Alliance
Jolie Fay - President
Randall Hertzler - Vice President
Mary Newell - Treasurer
Erika Hickey - Secretary
Adam Frost
Lynn Persson
Stephanie Stewart
Monday, July 22, 2013 11:38 AM