Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The CPSIA Testing Requirements Flowchart

It is now one year and two months since the CPSIA was passed and we can honestly say that confusion is still the norm for those of us living under its mandates.

Among manufacturers, consumer groups, and even the politicians who wrote the CPSIA, we hear misinformation, misunderstanding, and misrepresentation of what the CPSIA actually requires. It's easy to get confused, of course, since the CPSIA is a very complicated law which subjects different types of products to very different rules.

Although the CPSC has issued guidance for small businesses seeking to comply with the CPSIA (much of which is internally contradictory and leaves many questions unanswered) they have not issued a simple, easy to understand document that describes which products must be tested and which tests must be performed.

So, we thought we'd help out.

We are happy to introduce the Handmade Toy Alliance CPSIA Testing Flowchart. It is intended for manufacturers making products now, not resellers. This reflects our best understanding of what tests the CPSIA requires manufacturers to perform. We're happy to take any suggestions for how this document could be improved--so let us know what you think.

Please feel free to share this document or post it on your site. We would also like to offer this document to the CPSC--we would love to see it used in an official capacity to help educate small business owners, many of whom have been driven to tears while trying to understand the CPSIA.

Download the CPSIA Testing Requirements Flowchart here.

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