Monday, March 8, 2010

Who we are: Results of our CPSIA Small Business Survey

Below are the results of our survey of small batch children's product manufacturers and retailers which we conducted this past weekend. 223 business owners participated in the survey, 135 of whom are HTA members. That means that we achieved a 95% confidence rate with a +/- 4.9% confidence interval for the purposes of describing the entire population of 420 businesses who are members of the HTA.

We're sharing this report with congress and the CPSC in hopes that it will help guide their legislation and rulemaking. One thing this survey makes clear is that there are a lot of very low volume toymakers and children's products manufacturers in this country who should not be overlooked.

Handmade Toy Alliance CPSIA Survey Results

Note: Revenue data was also collected and shared with congress and the CPSC but was omitted from this public version of the report for privacy reasons.

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