Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Press Release: The Handmade Toy Alliance to Testify at House Commerce Subcommittee Hearing

The Handmade Toy Alliance (HTA) will testify at this Thursday’s Commerce Sub-Committee hearing regarding the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA). HTA Founder and Vice President, Dan Marshall (Peapods Natural Toys -MN), Board member Jolie Fay (Skipping Hippos – OR) and Board member Randall Hertzler (euroSource – PA) will travel to DC to participate in this very important process.

”Over the last seventeen months, we have worked tirelessly to bring about common sense changes to the CPSIA,” Marshall stated. “This is our opportunity to share our story and formally present our ideas for change directly to Congress. We are honored to be included within the short list of those invited to testify.” Marshall will represent the HTA as part of the panel presentation, as well as the question and answer period of the hearing.

HTA has worked directly with the House Commerce Committee over the last 3 months, developing draft legislation that could offer relief to small batch manufacturers. “Thursday’s sub-committee hearing is the culmination of all of our hard work,” Fay discussed. “It is important for our members – all of whom are very small businesses – to see us speak and share all of their stories.”

Following the hearing, House Sub-committee members will discuss whether to move forward with draft legislation known as the Consumer Product Safety Enhancement Act (CPSEA). Last week, the HTA officially endorsed this legislation. “We recognize that this legislation could offer significant relief to the small batch manufacturers, specialty retailers and importers that the HTA represents,” Marshall shared. “We’ve also asked for some specific inclusions to the report to further clarify the needs of our members. But, we also have to stress the need to have an amendment signed into law prior to the February 2011 lifting of the stay of enforcement.”

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