Thursday, May 6, 2010

Call to Action! Contact Congress to urge reform of the CPSIA

Will small batch makers and specialty retailers of children’s products survive the CPSIA? This has always been the question, as from the beginning, this law has left us suddenly on the verge of extinction. Eighteen months of hard work has resulted at least in recognition of the fact that our preservation was not considered when this law was passed. However, we are still very much endangered, and action is needed now more than ever.

Thanks to the collective voices of American small businesses and citizens, we were heard by the media and our representatives, and could not be ignored. Once again, we must raise our voices, to prevent handmade children’s products from becoming a casualty of Washington’s inner partisan disagreements.

Recently a bill was introduced by the House Energy and Commerce committee to amend the CPSIA, offering important relief to thousands of small batch business owners. Called the CPSEA, this relief would prevent many from closing their doors. However, Democrats and Republicans in Washington can not see eye to eye on the provisions of the proposed agreement.

We need to tell our representatives today that it is time to take a stand, and show their commitment to keeping our businesses alive. We at the Handmade Toy Alliance urge you to call your representative in the House Commerce Committee and ask for the CPSIA draft bill to go to mark up and become open for discussion. We have been told time and time again, that we must call, call, and call if we are to be heard. The combined power of our voices is what it will take to keep small batch children’s products from becoming a distant memory in America. Please help!

First, call your local representative's office. Then, contact the Commerce Committee Minority side at 202-225-3641, and Majority side at 202-225-2927. You are likely to get an answering machine. Leave your name, city, state, House Representative's name and share that they must work together openly in committee to bring about an amendment to the CPSIA now.

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